Fantastic Log Cabin That Will Make You Fall In Love

Welcome to Log Cabin the Levi tourism zone, which is situated in the region known as Immel, is where you can find this genuine Finnish log cabin, which can be found 170 kilometers north of Rovaniemi.


You are highly urged to have a peek inside this log cabin. You are strongly encouraged to act. The log cabin was first constructed in 1991, and throughout the course of the subsequent years, it underwent several renovations and enhancements.

The Living Area

Upon entering this log cabin, you will find yourself on the main level, which has a spacious kitchen, a bedroom and bathroom on the main floor, and a sizable living area that is open to the rooms that are next to it.

All of these amenities are located on the main floor. In the middle of the room are the stairs that go down to the basement level and up to the top level, where there are two more bedrooms. The stairs also lead up to the top level.

It is possible to create a magnificent setting for leisure activities by using a big room presentation that is typical in that it has a wall of windows and a trapezoid shape on the top half of the space.


Leveraging the available space is one way to achieve this goal. In the family room, the television is positioned above the stone fireplace, which is located on the left wall of the room and also has a log mantle.

The stone fireplace serves as the focal point of the television. As a consequence, a lovely area is created, which has the potential to serve as the family room.

One of the views that may be seen from the wall of windows is shown in the following image. It depicts the kitchen as viewed from the left side of the room, as well as the stairs that go up to the loft, which is located on the right side of the room.

On the open landing that is located above, there is also the potential of creating a straightforward second living room for the family to use.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

Every house will have its one-of-a-kind design because every single one of them will have separate master bedrooms and bathrooms.


 The fact that this particular property has a private entry to the deck that is located off to the side of the house is one of the reasons why it is so great.

Because it is spacious, open, and comfortable, it offers the perfect hiding place that you have been looking for in a bedroom. Because it is ideal for usage in a bedroom, this is the reason.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

In addition, depending on the size of the house and the number of bathrooms that are required, you may have a couple of smaller bathrooms with single vanities and a common shower and bathtub.


Or you might have a couple of bathrooms that are separate for each individual, as shown in the example below. Everything depends on the standards that are being met.

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