Stunning Log Cabin In Alberta That Is Wildly Secluded

Welcome to Log Cabin not only does this log home lie on a property that is more than 150 acres in size and is covered in deep vegetation, but it is also wedged between two thousand acres of sovereign land. This is a unique situation.


There is a possibility that it may be discovered on a road that goes nowhere, in close vicinity to the hamlet of Bergen, Alberta, which was only recently placed up for sale. You are going to find yourself falling in love with this one-of-a-kind log house.

The Kitchen

Among all of the rooms in the house, the one that we like spending the most time in is the kitchen tucked away in the corner.

Not only does the bar that is situated at the very end of the room have an unique layout, but it also has a breakfast nook that is just the right size for a breakfast spot.

The fact that it is equipped with appliances made of stainless steel, a gas stove, and an extra-large refrigerator gives it an air of sophistication, while at the same time allowing it to fit into the footprint comfortably without taking up an excessive amount of space.

If you look at the back of the kitchen, you will see an opening that goes out of the rear side of the house and into the mudroom or laundry room.


This entrance is located next to the kitchen. Located at the rear of the kitchen is where you will find this entryway.

An extra point of interest is presented here in the form of a photograph that shows the kitchen as seen from the entrance that goes to the mudroom.

The exquisitely painted maple log cabinets give the impression of being more intimate when seen from this vantage point.

Not only does it give adequate counter and log cabinet space to fulfill all of your day-to-day cooking and storage requirements, but it also provides a charming entrance into the living room, which you can make use of if you so want.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

Because of the dormer windows, the bedrooms have more space, which allows them to take delight in stunning vistas and a feeling of openness. Additionally, the dormer windows enable the bedrooms to seem more spacious.

It is possible to find a master bedroom on the main level that is not only spacious but also pleasant, and it is accompanied by a complete bathroom that is situated right next to it.


Having a complete bathroom on the main level is still practical, even if the bathroom is a part of the main bedroom.

This is because the main bedroom includes the bathroom. It is because the primary bedroom is the main bedroom that this is the case.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

The sink, the toilet, the shower, and the medicine log cabinet are all able to fit into a simple bathroom with just the right amount of space. In addition to that, there is sufficient space for the medication log cabinet.


The great majority of people will find it to be a pleasant alternative to using the restroom; nonetheless, it is not anywhere close to being an experience that is comparable to that of a spa facility.

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