Wonderful Log Cabin With A Balcony And Mountain View’s

Welcome to Log Cabin You mustn’t pass up the chance to investigate the inside of the Dom Markowka Zakopane, which is situated 6.6 kilometers away from the Zakopane Railway Station and 5.5 kilometers away from Gubalowka Mountain.


The Living Area

The great room, which is located on the side of the house and is the farthest away from the entrance, is one of the most stunning open places in the house. It has cathedral ceilings and trapezoid windows on the edge of the room.

Because these windows are located on the end of the house that is facing the open deck, it is much simpler to have a nice view of the property from the outside. This is because the windows are positioned on the end of the house that faces forward.


As an alternative to the more conventional fireplace that is often seen in locations such as this one, they have built a stove that burns wood in the corner of the room.

Even though it furnishes you with the warm and comforting heat that you need, it does not take up as much space in the room as a conventional fireplace would throughout the same period.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

Just outside the front door of the log cabin is where you will find this particular bedroom, in addition to the other bedrooms that are present in the log cabin.

The fact that they are big enough to accommodate a queen or king-sized bed in addition to giving space for storage makes them spacious.


There is a covered entertainment center that is set above the fireplace in the master bedroom, which is a stunning area that includes a fireplace that is specific to the master bedroom.

The fireplace is located in the front of the master bedroom. In particular, the great attention to detail that was poured into this house, particularly in these serene spots, is something that we are grateful for.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

In the master bathroom, you will discover the dark wood cabinets that you have been enjoying in the other rooms of the log cabin.

In addition to this, you will be able to discover the soaking tub that you have always envisioned having in your bathroom.


To be more specific, the shelf that is located on the side of the bathtub is the one that we feel most comfortable utilizing.

 You might, for instance, use it to conceal your toiletries while you are using the restroom, or you could use it to take a book with you so that you can read it while you are taking a nice bubble bath at the end of a hard day.

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