Amazing Log Cabin In The Wood

Welcome to A visit to the Star Gazer log cabin, which is located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, and is just a few minutes away from Dollywood, is an opportunity to explore the inside of the log cabin.


There are three master-bedroom suites available for rent in the majestic wood log cabin, and renters have the option to choose one of them.

The Living Area

The living room not only has cathedral ceilings, but it also features a wonderful stone fireplace that is situated against the wall that is directly next to the corner.

In addition, the living room encompasses a corner. By incorporating raw logs into the design of the beams and mantle on the fireplace, you can bring your taste for a rustic style to life and make it even more appealing.

You will find the open kitchen and dining room behind the living area, and just above the living area is where you will discover the loft space that is adorned with wood railings. Both of these areas are located behind the living area.


A lovely place to relax with the family or with any youngsters who may be present, the room that is being featured is a perfect spot to do so because of its open layout.

In this location, the quantity of space that is available is more than enough to accommodate either the act of placing board games on the coffee table or the act of just sitting down with a movie.

Behind the couch is where you will discover the staircase that leads to the loft area on the second story. This staircase can be found in the space behind the sofa.

Specifically, the venue in question is a gaming room, which is something that you will undoubtedly like and find to be enjoyable.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

Located on the main floor, the master bedroom is a huge and expansive room that has built-in shelving and storage that has been arranged around the bed frame.


This particular room may be found on the main level. In addition to that, the bathroom that is linked to the room is an absolutely lovely space.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

In addition, the shower in the bathroom has intricate tile work, and there is a generous amount of space throughout the area for additional storage. In addition to the authentic wood decorations that are accessible, this is also available today.


The vanity not only has a remarkable amount of storage space both above and below it, but it also has an exceptional lighting system that is considered to be contemporary.

Both sides of the main mirror and the medication log cabinets are mirrored, and the main mirror is reflected on both sides simultaneously. The medicine log cabinets are also mirrored.

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