Stunning Log Cabin Is Truly A Work Of Art Inside And Out

Welcome to the appearance of this log cabin in Skhidnitsa, Ukraine is eerily similar to the way you remember the log cabin that your grandparents used to live in many years ago. This log cabin seems like it was built many years ago.


In Ukraine was where you may find this cottage. Skhidnitsa is the location of the luxurious Forest House, which, in addition to offering guests a patio, also gives them free bicycles to ride whenever they are in the area.

The Dining Area

There is a great deal of natural light that can enter the area and space as a result of the fact that the dining table is positioned underneath the window and that there is a lamp that is set above it.

Every one of the kitchen’s components is contained behind a single wall, which can be seen running down the left side of this photograph.

A change has been made to the log cabinets, and the worktops have been painted black. Another thing to note is that both the stove and the refrigerator are white.


In addition to that, the log cabinetry has been modified. The fact that it is still completely functional does not change the fact that it is quite attractive.

This is yet another photograph that offers a more comprehensive view of the kitchen area, and it is presented to you for your consideration.

At the same time as this photo depicts the extension of the room, it also depicts the number of log cabinets that have been added in the kitchen to store cookware, equipment, and even supplies for cooking.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The bedrooms and baths are just as magnificent as the rest of the accommodations, even though they are not shown in all of the photographs.

The amount of open space that they have is substantial, and they also provide a variety of storage alternatives. In the bedrooms that are situated on the main floor, some windows give a view of the property.


On the other hand, the bedrooms that are situated on the upper level have dormer windows and balconies that provide extra space in addition to the space that is already available.

If this is something that is wanted, there is the possibility of adding a walk-in closet as well as an en suite bathroom which would be located in the master bedroom.

You have the chance to personalize your very own version of the Grizzly by selecting from a wide variety of features that are available to you.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

This image provides a glimpse of the one-of-a-kind spa tub that is located in the bedroom. It is far more detailed than the photograph that was previously shown.

The pair would have the option to spend a week away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the countryside, which would make this room a perfect choice for their honeymoon.


Another alternative is a bathroom that is more conventional in its design. This bathroom is available for use. This particular bathroom is equipped with a toilet, a corner shower, and a pedestal sink.

There are a greater number of bathrooms that are easily accessible. During the time that you are staying at this property, you will not be lacking in any of the technological conveniences or luxurious amenities that you could need.

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