The Best Log Cabin And Mountain Lovers This One Is For You

Welcome to Log Cabin it is strongly suggested that you give some more consideration to the possibility of having a more in-depth look inside this stunning property that is situated in Fancy Gap, Virginia.


A total of 1,650 square feet of living space can be accommodated inside the building, and it is situated on 1.1 acres of land that is situated behind the house.

The Living Area

It is typical for log cabins of this kind to have an open floor design, and the Kodiak log cabin is not an exception to this characteristic. It is possible to locate this layout on the inside of the log cabin.

One of the most prominent features of the spacious living area is the glass wall that provides access to the terrace. This wall is one of the distinguishing characteristics of the space.


At this location, it is possible to quickly organize a few seats, tables, and even storage cabinets near the fireplace, which makes it fairly simple to do so.

In the event, that a fireplace is discovered inside one of these log cabins, there is a clear sign that it may be utilized for heating purposes. This, in turn, leads to a decrease in the amount of money that is spent on energy.

In addition, since it is the ideal position for a weekend getaway because it is the perfect place to spend the weekend, it is the ideal site for a weekend getaway because it is just the right amount of snug and romantic.

The Dining Area of the Log Cabin

The fact that we are fully captivated by how the kitchen and dining area are designed is not anything that should come as a surprise to you.

The kitchen has a door that leads out onto one of the four porches, and each of the porches is furnished with a fireplace, which helps to create an atmosphere that is warm and inviting throughout the whole home.


The dining room has sufficient space for ten people to dine, and there is also sufficient space for an extra four to six stools to be put around the island bar in the kitchen.

Both of these areas are conveniently located within the house. It is the single piece of evidence that we have that supports our claim that this house was designed with entertainment in mind, and it is the only piece of evidence that we have.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

In our opinion, the master bedroom suite is the space in the house that we like spending the most time in. This is mostly because it has a fantastic bathroom that is conveniently located inside the apartment and is furnished with a soaking tub.


This results in the room being turned into a wonderfully opulent one, and the gorgeous wood walls are a contributing factor to this metamorphosis.

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