A Charming Log Cabin With Covered Deck,

Welcome to a glance inside the Beehive Bungalow, a log cabin that was built by Tyler and Casey, who were delighted to create a log cabin near the log home that their parents had completed, is shown here for your viewing pleasure.


The Living Area

You will find the spacious room to the left of the reception area. It is located in the middle of the building.

It is common practice to refer to this area as the living room or family room of a log cabin because it is particularly spacious and open. This may be attributed to the fact that it has a lot of space.

A cathedral ceiling that contains trapezoid windows or a wall of windows on at least one side of the ceiling is the most noteworthy characteristic of this kind of ceiling, as is generally known. This is the most notable aspect of this type of ceiling.


Besides the fact that it is constructed in a manner that is regarded to be very traditional, this log cabin also has a door that leads out of the side of the room and into the outside world.

This location, which is open to the rest of the main floor and is positioned on the side or end of the house, gives access to the majority of the lofted space that is distributed throughout the residence that is located at higher elevations.

For the goal of ensuring that the open floor plan of the house is maintained, the fireplace serves as a temporary wall that separates the space.

The incorporation of this element into the area may be accomplished by the construction of a fireplace in the middle of the home.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

One of the most attractive features of the corner kitchen is the multicolored tiled countertop that fully wraps both the stove and the island bar. This is one of the things that we think to be appealing.

This room has a lot of elements that are reminiscent of the Southwest, and one of those elements is the traditional wood log cabinets that can be bought in a variety of sizes and may be placed in a variety of different positions.

It is possible to use these log cabinets to store a variety of objects, including but not limited to products from the pantry, cookware, tableware, and even small appliances.


The contemporary appliances that have been repaired and are made of stainless steel are something that we find attractive in a setting that is as rustic as the one where we are now located.

Even though it does not compromise the product’s general design or appearance, it provides you with the luxury that you are seeking.

The area intends to be cozy and welcoming, and it also serves as a kitchen that is capable of accommodating the preparation of basic meals and the hosting of guests.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

One of the bedrooms that is located downstairs is the ideal master bedroom because it offers a large amount of space, the traditional wood walls that you like, and a separate bathroom that has been enhanced to the point where it is suitable for a master suite.


For these reasons, it is the perfect master bedroom. As a result of the high ceilings and the ceiling fan that is now placed in this specific bedroom, the space gives the impression of being far bigger than it is.

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