Embrace The Charm Of A Log Cabin During The Winter Season

Welcome to this log cabin when you go to the Devil’s Thumb Ranch, which is located close to Tabernash, Colorado. The ranch may be found in the southern region of Colorado.


The Living Area

You will get the opportunity to tour all three of the buildings that make up the residence, which is three floors tall.

The dining room, kitchen, and great room are all located in the center of the main level, which has a stunning open floor plan in the middle of the level.

The great room is also located in the middle of the main level. Every single side of the main level is a log cabin to a bedroom, which is situated on that particular side.

In the great room, which is located at the rear of the house, there is a traditional wall of windows and French doors that serve as a method of accessing the deck that is located in the backyard.


The natural light that is produced as a consequence of this, is something that we find to be quite remarkable.

Because this is such a great site and setting, you have the potential to change it into the perfect living room for you and your family by arranging the chairs in various ways. This is because the chairs can be arranged in a variety of different ways.

When it comes to living in a log cabin, the stone fireplace that is located in the living room is one of our favorite elements of any house; however, when it comes to living in a log cabin, it creates a unique atmosphere.

This location has the potential to be turned from a modest house into a stunning property that can be used as a retreat from the rest of the world via the application of this transformation.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The fact that the wall that separates the living area and the bedroom does not extend up to the ceiling is one of the features that distinguishes this log cabin from others that are similar to it.

To put it another way, this is one of the things that sets it apart from other things. Because it is just a portion of the wall, the area is free of obstructions.


Those persons who are interested in adding a second bedroom on the main level will find this addition to be great since it is not only a one-of-a-kind addition but also manages to be simple.

In addition, the removal of the jacuzzi and the dividing of this space into two smaller rooms would not be anything that would be difficult to do.

The Outside of the Log Cabin

You will not only have access to the hot tub, but you will also have the opportunity to relax in the rocking rockers while soaking in the crisp mountain air and the breathtaking views of the forest that are all within your immediate vicinity.


There is a fire pit outside, and it is located next to the porch. It is ideal for spending a romantic evening outside by the campfire while gazing up at the stars, and it is located outside.

The only things you need to remember to bring with you are blankets and Smores, so make sure you bring those.

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