The Charming Log Cabin With A Beautiful Porch

Welcome to this little log cabin in the woods of McEwen, Tennessee, in the United States of America, and it will serve as a source of inspiration for you once you find it. McEwen is located in the state of Tennessee.


The framework of the log cabin has a lovely porch that is perfect for relaxing on during the warm evenings. This porch is wonderful for outdoor seating.

The Living Area

It is important to recognize that this amazing and wide room, which is located on the main level of the house, needs to be regarded as the true center point of the property.

It is difficult to imagine what could be lacking in this log cabin, which has a wall of windows that gaze out over the breathtaking lake. What might be anything about this residence that may be considered unfavorable?

When you have stone and log work all over the place, in addition to a rustic aspect both inside and outside the structure, this is the situation. In particular, this is the case when you have a rustic appearance.


The perspective that looks down into the main floor, which reveals the extra-large space that enables numerous sitting configurations, is something that we love.

This viewpoint is one of our favorites among many others. It is a delightful experience to spend time with friends on the couches that are situated on the side of the fireplace, or even to take a peaceful sleep in front of the fire.

Both of these activities are enjoyable. When you wish to read a book during the week, you may use the comfy chairs that are positioned next to the fireplace.

Not only are these seats perfect for reading a book, but they are also comfortable enough to use throughout the week.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

You can enter either of the two bedrooms that are located on the main level by using this door if that is something that you would want to do.

One of the many parts of this that I appreciate is the way that the light fixtures are attached to the logs that are going around the walls. This is one of my faves among the many things that I like about this.


My personal favorite of the various alterations that have been done to this log cabin is the installation of half-log walls. These walls are among the many that have been created.

In each of the bedroom suites, there is sufficient space for a decent bed, nightstands, a ceiling fan, and a bathroom that is attached to the suite itself. In addition, there is a fan mounted on the ceiling.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

This room has half-log walls that are very attractive, and they come with mirrors, additional storage log cabinets, and a considerable amount of counter space for you to utilize for your convenience while you are in the room.


They are also fitted with mirrors. One of the bathrooms is located here, and in contrast to the other bathrooms, it has a much bigger quantity of storage space as well as two sinks installed.

Even though it is the perfect bathroom for the master bedroom, it may also be used as an additional unique spot for when guests come to visit.

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