The Best Log Cabin With Stunning Views

Welcome to Log Cabin a peek around the inside of the Knoll House, which is situated near Fairbanks, Alabama. The log cabin is a residence that has four bedrooms and four bathrooms.

In only ten minutes from the center of town, the one-of-a-kind log cabin accommodations are situated on five acres.


The Kitchen

In addition to being situated to the side and behind the living room, this wonderful corner kitchen can also be found on the inside of the house.

One of the things that we particularly like about this space is that it is separated from the rest of the main floor and is located in the corner of the log cabin.


Even though the log cabin is designed with an open floor plan, it is still open enough to give the impression that it is a single large place that can be used for hosting or hosting parties.

If more seating is necessary, a rolling island provides a few additional chairs that may be employed as a breakfast nook or just for the preparation of meals.

The installation of stainless steel appliances not only gives the space a contemporary appearance but also makes it possible to have a rolling island.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

There is a gorgeous fireplace on one side of the main bedroom, and on the other side, there is a private balcony that views out over the countryside. Both of these features are impressive.


The main bedroom has both of these aspects as part of its design. Not only is this location incredibly lovely, but it also extends a warm welcome to almost everyone who enters its premises.

There are many other bedrooms available, each of which is just as amazing. A select handful of them come with a private balcony that offers a view of the land and the outside of the house. These are the only available ones.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

This master bathroom is pretty beautiful, with a tile shower that is stunning as well as a large number of cabinets that are made of dark wood. In addition, the shower is simply spectacular.


It is a real paradise that is located in the comfort of your own house, and it is furnished with all of the luxurious amenities that you could envision being found in a spa. This residence is a true paradise.

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