Incredible Log Cabin With Private Dock And Breathtaking

Welcome to Log Cabin falling in love with the Toccoa River Retreat, which is a magnificent mountain log cabin in Georgia that can be found near Mineral Bluff, Georgia, in the United States of America.


This mansion may be found in the state of Georgia, which is known for its charm. Not only does it include three bedrooms, four beds, and two bathrooms, but it also can accommodate a maximum of six people in a single room.

The Living Area

The main living room and great room area are spacious and open, with room for couches, chairs, an entertainment center, a fireplace, and of course, the fireplace itself.

This is in addition to the wall of windows that overlooks the rear of the property, which is a feature that is always popular.

The chandelier that is formed out of antlers is a stunning complement to the area that is available if it is erected.

In addition, if you take a quick look at the picture that is provided below, you will be able to get a glimpse of the skylights that are in charge of supplying the house with enough amount of natural light over daylight hours.


Nevertheless, the fact that the living room is located on a level that is much lower than the rest of the construction is one of the characteristics of this house that provides us with the greatest amount of satisfaction.

The kitchen and the foyer are both located in a section of the log cabin that is located two steps down from the side of the house. This section of the house is located in the foyer.

A stunning vintage atmosphere that is constructed in a split-level fashion can be found in this particular section of the property.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

It is possible to find two components in the corner kitchen: a breakfast nook and an expanded island bar with two levels of worktops. Both of these components are located in the corner kitchen.


In addition, people have access to both of these offered advantages. As a result of the combination of these elements, the kitchen is a good area for the preparation of meals.

Both the black worktops and the fantastic stained wood log cabinets that have been installed in the area are a wonderful complement to the stainless steel appliances that have been installed in the area.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

If it is designed suitably, the second level has a second bedroom that is big enough to function as a second master suite.

This bedroom may be located on the second floor. It is in this area that you will discover the bathroom, which is located right next to the bedroom.


The layout of this suite is designed to be similar to that of a master bedroom, complete with closets, an attached bathroom, and even sunlight that illuminates the floor area.

It is somewhat bigger than the standard suite. Even though this suite is designed in the form of a master suite, the space downstairs has the potential to be employed as a master bedroom.

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