Incredible Log Cabin Estate Compared To This Forks

Welcome to put it another way, this log cabin property in Forks, Washington, United States of America is commonly regarded to be among the most desired residences that are now available for purchase.


In addition to being surrounded by natural beauty, the inside of this lovely log cabin property, which has a total size of 1,680 square feet, one bedroom, and two bathrooms, is something that you will want to have a look at.

The Kitchen

In the kitchen, which is located in a corner nook just off the front door, there is a “U-shaped” room that is packed with storage and cupboards. This area is a great place to keep your belongings.

The space in this room is rather generous. We feel that the contrast between the light woodgrain and the black granite is something that we find to be intriguing. This location is such a beautiful contrast to everything else that is out there!

It is a big contributor to the contemporary appearance of a log cabin to make use of stainless steel equipment, yet at the same time, it is compatible with the rustic style that you want to see in a log cabin.


When you go back beyond the log cabin, you will discover the open cooking location, which is located in the most distant part of the structure.

Not only does this include a considerable amount of log cabinet space, but it also has cutting-edge technology that is constructed out of stainless steel.

Among the counters that have the potential to be enlarged to accommodate a greater number of people is this bar, which is located next to the eating area.

Even though there are only two stools available, it is possible to make use of this space to accommodate up to four seats, however, the number of seats that may be accommodated is contingent upon the size of the kid or the adult.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

In addition to other pieces of furniture, such as a closet or bureau, it is feasible to position a king-sized bed in the bedroom that is located on the second floor. This is a possibility.


There is sufficient room to accommodate any extra furniture, and the ceilings are high enough to allow them.

Even though we are unsure if the door that is located to the left of the bed is a closet or a storage place, we like the rustic wood that contrasts with a wall in the bedroom that is typically dry-walled.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

The tile in the bathroom that is created to match both the floor and the shower helps to maintain the cohesiveness of the space while also preserving the room’s charming rustic appearance.


The use of tile that is designed to be compatible with both characteristics is what makes this possible. The fact that this design creates the impression of a spa inside a space that is often calm and peaceful is something that we find to be intriguing.

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