Rocky Mountain Log Cabin In Colorado With A Charming

Welcome to Yellow Brick Log Cabin is a one-of-a-kind property that, in addition to being a trailside log cabin with three bedrooms and three bathrooms, is situated in the middle of Mountain Village in the state of Colorado.


Another feature of this property is that it has three bedrooms. While at the same time being just a few feet away from all of the action that is taking place, it offers visitors the sense that they are fully and utterly secluded throughout their stay.

The Front Porch

A great view of the front porch, which can be seen from your location, may be had from this vantage point for your viewing pleasure.


In addition to the table that is currently there, it is clear that there is sufficient space for several seats to be placed wherever in the room.

If you set them in place, you will be able to spend the day reading a book in the shade while still being able to take benefit of the beautiful weather that is occurring outside.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

We think the seamless transition that takes place between the kitchen and the dining area is one of the parts of the layout that I find to be very attractive.

If more seating is required, there are chairs located below the window that can be pulled out and extended to accommodate more people. To make this process easier, the table may be moved out of the way and enlarged.


The presence of this, in addition to the wonderful wood log cabinets and storage that surround the area, makes it an excellent location for the family to congregate anytime they wish to dine together.

The bar that is located on the kitchen island has been angled in such a way that it becomes inclined. This was done to permit extra seating on one side of the island.


It is possible to find log cabinets made of light wood, gray tiling, and equipment made of stainless steel in the kitchen, which is a large open area that is situated just around the corner from the entryway.

The entrance that leads to the breezeway is located at the rear right corner of the chamber, and when seen from this vantage point, it is feasible to see it.


The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

When we are taking a look at this log cabin, we need to keep in mind the number of available bedrooms.

In the master bedroom, this room can be the most prominent feature due to a variety of elements that contribute to the fact that it can be the most prominent part.


A spectacular bedframe that is made out of wood, a large picture window that looks out over the terrace, and fantastic open spaces are some of the aspects that contribute to this.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

On one side of the bathroom is a soaking tub, and in the corner is an extra-large shower. Both of these features are located in the bathroom.


In our opinion, this is quite intriguing to us right now. The inclusion of the sitting area is a lovely touch that contributes to the overall improvement of the pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom.

There is a great contrast between the tiles and the wood, which contributes to the sensation of richness. In addition, the sitting area is a beautiful complement to the whole space.

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