Charming Log Cabin Set In A Picturesque Rural Setting

Welcome to a luxurious log cabin known as The Chestnut can be found at Tedstone Log Cabins, which is located close to Bromyard in the county of Herefordshire within the United Kingdom.


This log cabin is meticulously made by hand, and its layout is customized to meet the specific needs of the owner. In addition to being situated in a rustic setting that is just breathtaking, it also has a hot tub that is heated by wood.

The Living Area

The stone fireplace is only one of the many wonderful improvements that have been made to this house, and it is one of the characteristics that I like the most about it.

This is a centerpiece that not only enhances the aesthetic value of the area but also gives the impression that it is more welcoming.


There are some black and silver decorations in the contemporary kitchen, which can be seen to the side, and they are a fantastic complement to this fireplace.

The wood paneling, ceiling, and beams that surround the log cabin are some of the lovely features that complement this warm and welcoming addition. Other amazing features include the beams that surround the property.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

There is enough space in each of the bedrooms, and each of them is equipped with several different conveniences.

The fact that they are only able to accommodate full and queen-sized beds at present does not change the fact that each of them can easily accommodate a king-sized bed.


End tables, a chair for reading, a chest of drawers, a wardrobe, and other objects may be stored in the open area that surrounds the beds. This space can also accommodate several other items.

A simple log cabin style, complete with wood paneling and rustic features, is used in the design of the beds, which adds to the pleasant setting that the beds provide on the inside.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

If there is a need for more storage space, the bathroom in question is a smart alternative to take into consideration. You have a lot of wiggle space and freedom to adjust the area, which is something that I really love.

That is something that you have. This is particularly handy if you want more cabinets or shelves. It creates the appearance that it is much bigger than it is due to the exceptional open wall space that it has.


There is a spacious tiled shower located on one end of the bathroom; nevertheless, this is not the only thing that can be found in this area of the bathroom. A variety of other conveniences are also available in the restroom.

It represents the epitome of luxury, with even more room and innovations than were previously offered to the public.

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