Wooden Log Cabin For Nature Living, Floor Plan Available!

Welcome to Log Cabin take a look at the inside of this simple wooden log cabin, which consists of a room, a living room, a kitchen that is open to the living room, and a bathroom.


There is a terrace accessible from the building that contains the log cabin. It is estimated that the total size of the space is 5.46 square meters.

The Living Room

The living room section of the log cabin, which is located on the main level of the house and has an open floor plan, has a stone fireplace that is set against the side wall of the living room space. There is a direct connection between the entryway and the living room area.

You can see that there are stairs leading up to the loft, and of course, the open kitchen and dining room can be seen in the background of the picture.

The staircase may be found behind the sofa in this room. You may come across a “four seasons room” in addition to this area.


It is standard practice to refer to the room that is situated behind the entrance to the right of the living room as a four-season room. This room is located behind the house.

This room is very breathtaking. This enclosed area, which can be utilized as either a solarium or a reading room, is surrounded by windows on all sides.

The space is sufficient for a small sofa as well as an additional table. On a chilly winter day, it is the ideal spot to cuddle up with a good book, and during the summer, it is the ideal location to get together with family and friends for lunch in the afternoon.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

Because the kitchen is open to the rest of the home, it is a good location for hosting gatherings and parties because it is easily accessible to everyone.

There is a large island in the center of the room that is surrounded by the same stone that can be found in other parts of the log cabin, such as the fireplaces, archways, and accessories that are located on the outside of the house.

Not only does the island function as a place to work, but it also holds the sink and offers seats for a total of four individuals. A wonderful addition to the dining room or a breakfast nook that the family enjoys using as a place to have breakfast.


It should come as no surprise that we just cannot get enough of looking at this kitchen. The stove is quite fantastic, and the backsplash that was fabricated to the customer’s specifications is just lovely.

There is a laundry room that is concealed in the space that is located between the kitchen and the garage, which is connected by a breezeway.

Because it has a lot of storage space, this room is not only fantastic for families with several children but also quite handy.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

A queen or king-sized bed may be accommodated in the master bedroom, which is situated on the main floor of the home. There is sufficient space for any of these sizes.


All of the windows in this room provide stunning views of the neighborhood and the neighboring community.

One wall has a lovely big double closet that is positioned near the entrance that goes into the master bathroom. The closet encompasses the whole wall.

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