Charming Creekside Log Cabin With Rustic Elegance

Welcome to this charming log cabin, which has a great rustic style, and can be found in Blue Ridge, Georgia, which is located in the United States of America. It is situated near that of Fightingtown Creek.


Because of the tongue and groove vaulted ceilings, the wood flooring, and the soft overstuffed couches that are positioned in front of the wood-burning fireplace, this is the ideal space to enjoy some relaxation and decompress.

The Kitchen

The arrangement of this lodge’s kitchen is designed in such a manner that it integrates elements of both contemporary and rustic styles throughout its whole.

It is best to have a wide island in the middle of the room to create a breakfast nook that is warm and welcoming.

Additionally, the island is equipped with a basin that may be employed to perform quick hand washing if the bigger sink is currently being utilized.


The tile backsplash that is located behind the extra-large stove has a beautiful contemporary touch; nevertheless, the log trim that is located around the log cabinets provides the appearance of an old-fashioned charm that you appreciate about log cabins.

We pulled to this kitchen for several different reasons, one of which is the handcrafted log cabinetry that is presently built in the kitchen.

When it comes to the pine paneling, the walls, and the ceiling that are all present in this log cabin, it is not feasible to find a greater match than these.


Moreover, the gray granite worktops, which are the perfect complement to the stainless steel appliances, look fantastic with the stainless steel appliances, such as the dishwasher, stove, and refrigerator.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

A bedroom that is located on the upper level of the house is equipped with a private window seat in addition to a dormer window that leads out to a small private balcony. This bedroom is located on the top level of the house.


The side of the log cabin that is facing the street is where you will find this particular bedroom. Have you ever thought that it would be a wonderful spot to name your sanctuary, a place where you could get away from the monotony of daily life?

The Outside of the Log Cabin

When it comes to protecting the exterior deck from the elements, one of the covers that is attached to it serves the aim of providing protection. 

There is a dining table that can accommodate four people, and it is located near the gas grill that is fueled by propane.  By making use of a fireplace that offers a sitting space and burns wood, a person can appreciate the natural beauty that is all around the cabin.


This is made possible by the fireplace’s ability to burn wood.  You are welcome to make use of this high-definition television, which has a screen size of 55 inches and is positioned over the fireplace for your viewing pleasure. 

Off the deck, you will discover a fire pit that is located on the grounds of the property. As you and your loved ones toast marshmallows in this fire pit, you will have the opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime.


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