Xi Jinping VS Cai Xia: a comment on the event


The West tries to force China to follow their will and ideas, but China really know what it has to do to empower itself. China really knows what it wants and what ways are good for herself. The west can ask China to do whatever they want but China can tell that ” I have something very important that I need to do first”. Now, it is the very very important person in the communist party, Cai Xia, who served China several years starts to criticize its leader fiercely. Cai Xia criticizes President Xi Jinping publicly as ” the Mafia boss”, the ” threat to the world”. She was expelled from the party and fled to United states. She also criticizes Xi for his consolidating powers and lead country toward more authoritarian regime.

There are two points of views about this event. First view believes that Cai Xia really dislike president Xi for his consolidating the power as what we see. Cai Xia may be unhappy style of leadership as what She criticizes. It also can be called the conflict between the great figures in the party. The conflict is inevitable everywhere. Second views believes that they do not really have dispute as what we see.

They are pretending to argue each other. Cai Xia is trying to help president Xi to empower himself and consolidate more powers. Normally, a new king doesn’t gain a very high respect from the very senior ministers. Therefore, in order to empower the king, the closest and most senior minster has to pretend to look down on the king for he will be punished seriously. All ministers respect the king without showing any arrogant behavior. After punishing, the senior minister will flee to the enemy’s camp.

Cai told CNN that “The relationship between China and the United States is not a conflict between the two peoples, but a contest and confrontation between two systems and two ideologies,”

What do you think?

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