Xi Jinping: The Vaccines for Saving the World, not For Nationalism


Key ideas:

-Finding of the Vaccines has given hope to the whole world that everything would be better in the near future.

-However, the vaccines are being used as the tool for dominations and political reason.

-The Rich countries, especially the West and US, prevent from exporting to help the world.

-President Xi Jinping calls for distributing of vaccines to the world equally for saving lives.

Talking via the Video Conference Call at the Global Health Summit, Chinese president Xi Jinping called for the distribution of the vaccines and criticized those countries that have bought and stocked the vaccines without using and without sharing to the world. Xi said ” It is imperative for us to reject vaccine nationalism and find solutions to issues concerning the production capacity and distribution of vaccines, in order to make vaccines more accessible and affordable in developing countries”.

Xi Jinping also proposed for setting up the international forum to make sure that there would be more vaccines will be delivered to the the developing countries. He also calls for putting the life and health of people and the front and center. Life and health are the most important.

A Chinese researcher echoed the Xi’s words by criticizing directly to the west for closing their eyes in front of dying people. He said “Vaccines are the powerful tools in the fight against the pandemic. Yet, the problem of uneven vaccination has become more acute, as some developed Western countries are hoarding vaccines while offering nothing but superficial lip service to countries in urgent need”.

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