Xi jinping, Putin, and Trump: Personal differences and political attitudes


President Xi Jinping, President Vladimir Putin and president Donald Trump are the leaders of the global power nations. Three of them are regarded as the most powerful leaders in the world in which their decisions has shaped and shaken the world. The world has looked at them with paying very close attentions. Their personalities and the political attitudes are very different, especially president Donald Trump of the United State of the America. In this articles, I has researched the on how the great scholars judge their personalities and political attitudes.

  1. President Xi Jinping of China: Lee Kuan Yew, the father of Singapore praised Xi as the ” Great Breadth” who has been trialed in many experiences. lee compared Xi as great as Nelson Mandela . While henry Kissinger the former secretary of state of the U.S regards Xi as the “Great and Formidable leader who know how to get things done well”. Xi put himself in the great position look calm, gentle, beautiful smile, far-sighted, but a great ambitious leader. Xi also seems very assertive and very proud.
  2. President Vladimir Putin of Russia: Putin is a great leader, a great fighter, a great challenger, a very brilliant, and he is very straight. Putin a very eloquent leader whose words are sharp and loud. People regard Putin as the authoritarian leader because of his personal straightness and out-speaking. Putin handles the things as the big boss who never tolerate with any minister who commits mistake. He do it directly, go directly, and speak directly with the very serious and tough attitudes.
  3. President Donald J. Trump of the U.S. I am not sure if I have bias with Trump. Trump is the leader of a great nation, the number one on earth. However, his words and activities are not noble at all. He likes social medias, and mocking, slandering, and provoking, and threatening. What Trump really good at is nationalism and money, money and money. Yes, Trump takes very tough actions against China and other nations in which previous leaders couldn’t handle it. However, for Trump’s supporters, he is a great leader in history of U.S. recently.
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