Xi Jinping: Lack of experts in this field causes China to be defeated


Chinese President Xi Jinping has raised concerns about the lack of legal experts to protect China’s interests, calling it a “security danger” for the nation. “Most of the foreign-related workloads of Chinese companies are in the hands of European and US law firms, and there are huge security risks,” Xi Jinping said on March 1, 2021. In this regard. The relevant parties must be able to solve this problem. According to Xi Jinping, there are less than 600 Chinese lawyers who can independently resolve trade disputes, such as anti-dumping and anti-subsidies, and only about half of them are competent in resolving lawsuits WTO Appeal. On Saturday, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce issued a law to crack down on foreign restrictions and injustices imposed on Chinese companies and citizens.

In that interest, China’s relevant departments will provide them with the necessary support. It is should be remembered that “China is seriously want to replace the U.S in Asia by claiming geostrategy in South China Sea, using economic means and expanding influence to as far as possible”.

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