Xi Jinping Campaign for Superpower may be too hurried and Wrong


Recently, China has tried to use the strategy of the psychological domination which was presented by Sun Tzu.  Through disputes with India and Australia and threaten to ASEAN members on the South China Sea and Japan on the East China Sea and as well as the enforcement the new security law on Hong Kong, China wants to tell the world that its position is clear, and its power is stronger. These actions have led to strong reactions from the international arena. In the Past, Chinese politics in Asia seem to be more influential and popular than the United States. Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao all were followed the Deng’s theory to stand up quietly. But Xi Jinping has changed this path.

Recently, China may have thought that many countries would rely on China to recover the economy after the end of the Corona crisis, so they would be less likely to oppose China. China would seize this opportunity to become the number one in the world without having to wait until next 30 or 40 years.

Contrary to Xi’s belief, the international community, especially the United States and Europe, as well as some Asians, responded strongly, causing China’s popularity to plummet.

To resolve the conflicts by force is not very effective today. Resolving disputes and expanding influence with money is also less effective for China because money that is not transparent and violates the sovereignty of other nations will cause other countries to worry. In addition, at this stage, China is developing, so do not make too many enemies with its neighbors and do not make other countries lose trust too quickly.

Moreover, China’s enemy, the United States, is still far stronger than China in all areas.  So China must try to adjust its policy, otherwise China will lose more. China cannot be a king without supporters. For example, the United States, which is a king of the world today, is not alone, but the king with allies and principles that the world can accept.

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