Xi Jinping and Trump: Personal Differences and National Interests


President Trump is a very nationalist and he is proud to say it publicly. We know that all American Leaders think of American Interest Firs, but non of them say publicly as he does. Donald Trump and Xi Jinping ‘s personalities are completely different. Trump acts as very ordinary person, uses ordinary languages, loves social medias, talks much, likes mocking others, and show his feeling easily. Unlike Donald Trump, Xi is very formidable, holds very firm standing, very transformative, calm and quiet, big ambition, acts and speak as very noble person. The personal differences and national interest urge these two great leaders to fall into very strong competition. Trump accuse China of many things from abusing human right, violating international law, violating the property right, uses its raw materials to force foreign companies to move to China, and helps subsidies Chinese companies to win the projects bargaining as well as stealing US technologies. Xi is not happy with Trumps over the matters that Trump administration interferes its internal affairs, uses human right and democracy as the business, gathers the allies against China and tries to contain China’s rise.

However, Both leaders have changed the direction of their foreign policies. Xi has declared that China has entered the New Era. Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao followed the Deng’s thought of ” bide your times, develop your capacities, good at dealing with your affairs, never claim leadership”. They knew clearly that China had to stand up quietly. But Xi has changed this policy. Xi is seems more assertive and ambitious. Xi want to declare global leadership openly. He changed the numbers of top committee from 9 to 7, changed the term of presidency, and shows more authoritarianism.

Trump also has changed the American foreign policy direction. There are two choices of US position in the world, the protectionism and globalism. The globalism that started from Wilson to lead the new world order, safeguard the international system, spread democracy, and promote global institutions now has been changed under Trump. The America of International law, America of Global and international upholder and promoter has changed to America for America and Selfish America. Xi and Trump think their national interest first, but what they are doing is the struggling and preparing for winning in the longer competition.

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