Xi Jinping and Chinese Maritime Strategy


The Chinese strategist has concluded its history of humiliation that ” our failure was not because of our men, but because of our outdated system, lack of modern weapons, especially we were ignorant of maritime strategy”. China used to be a great naval power in history, but at that time China felt that building such a very powerful was not very useful. History of world was changed by the intelligence and creativity. The west and Japan had develop their navies and invaded the Middle kingdom for hundred years. Therefore, the 21st century of Chinese strategy must focus much on Maritime Strategy. Xi is regarded as the main who changes China to be the very active in maritime strategy.

President Xi has changed China from the passivity, from the bid the time for growth, and never claim leadership, to the very assertive China. The experts say that Xi has the great ambitions and formidable character and a very reformative president. He declared that China has entered the New Era in which the Era that China is not only rich and prosperous but China must be stronger in all aspects.

In his leadership, China has attempted to control the South China Sea which is the very core issue of national security. Xi knows that “Chinese enemy is outside the wall”. China will not be able to protect its security, will not be able to unify Taiwan, and will not be able to be equal to the U.S if its naval power is still weak. China must not allow U.S to come very close to its wall and walk around its house. Therefore , Xi sets the plan to control South China Sea. Xi knows that he has to modernize and strengthen the naval power to be global power as U.S is. Xi also knows China has to faces U.S and its allies in the East China Sea. Therefore, Xi thinks that in order to rich its long term goals, China must struggle its best now.

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