Will China replace the US as the superpower in the world?


The two countries, US and China, are the greatest countries on earth that have capacities and potential to shape the destiny of the world. There are to views on the topic. First of all, some scholars believe that China is going to replace the US as the world superpower. They give these reasons, 1. Economy: for more than four decades, Chinese economy has grown so fast and expanded to everywhere. China has become the biggest trading partners of many countries and the biggest creditor. 2. Technology and AI; they believe in Chinese capacity to run after and catch up to those of US and EU. 3. Military: Chinese military has been expanding to the far seas to exert Chinese power and influence. 4. Soft-power: they see the Chinese influences that is being expanded in many regions.

The second view believes that China will never be able to replace U.S. China now just trying to stand up and maintain its position from collapsing. I am in the second views. Why? There are many reasons to say that China will never be able to replace the U.S. First of all is the U.S. The history of the world shows that there is no any superpower that willing to give its seat to others. US will do everything to contain China. Normally, U.S uses the NATO to contain Russia, and uses Asian alliances to contain China. This time, US will use not only Asia to contain China, but also EU. (Read the book “China” Or continue reading

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