Why Sino-US tensions escalate when coronavirus break out?


Why Sino-US tensions escalate when coronavirus break out?The US-China tensions has been escalated, from the trade war to the technological barrier, geopolitical challenge in Indo-Pacific, and political interest in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and so on. The rising of the tension in the covid 19 era con be translated as follow: A. the Donald Trump administration suspects the virus came from a Chinese biological laboratory. B. Donald Trump linked the issue to nationalist politics and blamed China. C. the United States, under Donald Trump, wants to use the issue to curb China’s ambitions and embarrass the Chinese government internationally. According to CNN, the Trump administration is planning to impose sanctions on China in all major areas that could hurt the Chinese economy in the long run. D. the United States and its allies are trying to push big companies to move out of China so that China could face a unemployment crisis in addition to the crisis that caused by the trade war. In short, covid-19 becomes the tool of politics.

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