What if Trump can’t work and more serious? postponed the election?


Trump is a very old president. The world was shocked and surprised to hear that the leader of the great country tested positively for Coronavirus. Trump will be better soon or not is no clear yet. But he is being treated very seriously and carefully. However, many raised concern about whether the election and debate will be postponed? However, the U.S lawmakers and its systems plans clearly even before these things happened to protect the presidency office. This is the very serious national situation.

According to U.S constitution of the 25th amendment says that if the president is not able to fulfil his roles and duties, he has to write to the congress about his situation and hand the power and duties to the vice president to act as the acting-president. If the president is too serious to write, the cabinet will do it in his name. If the president will be able to reassume his office, he has to right to the Congress another letter to confirm for reassuming his presidency.

Another mater is that whether the election should be postponed? The answer is that they have to wait and see the president’s situation. If he is very serious, the the congress have to decide. However, it seem unlikely to postpone the election. U.S has never postpone its election before. The Congressed is granted by the constitution to set the election every four years. If they wish to change, both the house of representative and senate has agree and altering the laws in next 30 days.

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