What does Israel-U.A.E normalization mean for Iran?


There are two countries in Middle East that strongly oppose the US. Both of them are the big brother of the region who seek to dominate the region and consider US as the biggest enemy. They both has military quite strong and has many allies and groups. But one of them was destroyed by US in 2003. It is Iraq. Iraq had tried to deny US accessing to the oil-rich region of Middle East. Under Saddam Hussein, US found itself very hard to dominate the region. In 2003, Iraq was bombed in the accusation of producing the massive destruction weapons. Then, US control the oil fields. And through the Gulf Wars, US military presence has been expanded and surrounded the region. Then, some small countries, was destroyed one by one in the reasons of peace, security, and stability.

The second country that is the biggest enemy of US in the region is Iran. Iran now find itself far weaker because of the economic sanctions, US military presence in the Gulf and US’ allies. Qassem Soleimani was killed. Its structure and network to expand the influence and power are weakened. Beyond the sanctions, the price of the oil was declined. Iran feels that in order to gain the domination, the nuclear program must be achieved. The network must be expanded. Now, these plans are hopeless. when the enemies are stronger, it is better to avoid the conflict and negotiate. Iran may feel that it would be the next to invade or if not by military, it would be by other means. Iran now badly needs the other two great powers, Russia and China, to help balancing the region.

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