China Power: What are China’s ambitions and interests?


Chinese leaders of all generations have always have the ambition and want their country to become a major world power in terms of economy, politics, technology, military and diplomacy by the middle of the 21st century. That is, Chinese leaders want their country to be as strong as in its glorious history, acting as the center of power or the central empire of the universe.

Therefore, China’s goal is to enable the Communist Party to seize power, unite territorial integrity and maintain national sovereignty, economic, social, political, military, cultural and technological development.

China wants to be the leader in Asia, then the leader of Africa, Latin America, expand its influence to the developed countries in Europe and finally the world power. China’s significant growth and interests have caused the United States to decline and lose power, especially in Asia. China’s attempts to expand its influence and the US struggling to curb is making the tension escalated.

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