What Anti-covid 19 vaccine means for Russia in the world?


The world will be proud of Russia for the successful research by Russian scientists in developing a vaccine against coronavirus. Russia has saved the world many times, such as ending the Mongolian invasion to conquer the world in the 13th century; End the invasion of the Swedish emperor in the 18th century, end the invasion of Napoleon in the 19th century and end the invasion of Hitler who sought to conquer the world and put the world in its’ willing in the 20th century.

In the 21st century, Russia could save the world again by finding a vaccine against coronavirus to end the global epidemic. In addition, Russia is also the first country to produce spacecraft to send people to the moon. To date, the number of coronavirus infections has reached 20 million. The world is being shocked and destroyed by Covid19. What does this means for Russia?

  1. Russia’s scientific research is gaining its domination in the world. What the others can’t, Russia can. Russia is winning the racing for the Vaccine. Russia is not only good at producing weapons, but also medical research.
  2. The historical achievement for Russia and the world. Russia is going to save the world that is under destruction and shocking. This is a great narrative of Russia in saving the world from the global pandemic.
  3. Russian power and influence is on the rising again. In 2015, Russia was recognized fairly by its struggling to fight the ISIS.
  4. Russia is contributing the world every important sectors. It also will bring national proud of Russia.
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