Was Muammar Gaddafi really a dictator and a human rights abuser?

Gaddafi was eventually branded a dictator and the most brutal human rights abuser in the world for defending the national interests of his people and the interests of Africa as a whole, without compromising the interests of the United States and its allies. Libya is the most oil and glorious country under Gaddafi. The people of Libya are full of peace, happiness and prosperity. The Gaddafi government has provided almost everything to the people: electricity, free medical care / education.​

He provided home construction loans, interest-free loans from state banks, maternity leave, subsidies for agriculture, government subsidies, seeds, land, all kinds of equipment, free of charge, and many other income from the government, even buying a car. The government also pays half the price for private rides. Gaddafi has created a major river to supply 70% of the Libyan people with clean water, as well as stopping the country’s frequent drought.

The river was the largest irrigation system in the world, but it was demolished by NATO in 2011. What exactly happened to Gaddafi? What upsets the US and US allies themselves is Gaddafi’s ambitions.​ The new USA project means [United States of Africa], especially the financial institutions with the participation of the Middle East.

In 1992, 45 countries in Africa and the Middle East agreed to install satellites for Africa and the Middle East. The satellite and telecommunications services are provided by China and Russia. The budget is estimated at $ 4.5 billion, but more than $ 3 billion is needed to make the project happen. Thus, all 45 countries originally sought loans from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which is run by the Illuminati under the auspices of the Democratic Empire.

In 2007, Gaddafi came in to help with the satellite project, providing about $ 2.6 billion, knocking the IMF out of interest loans and giving Gaddafi influence in the Middle East. In addition, Gaddafi has initiated the establishment of financial institutions to help Africa and the Middle East become stronger and stronger. The three financial institutions are: 1. The African Monetary Fund is headquartered in Cameroon.

The fund is that countries in Africa and the Middle East no longer need to rely on the Illuminati IMF, the country that will suffer the most in the future is France. 2. Central African Bank Headquarters in Nigeria. It will make Africa no longer spend US dollars or euros by switching to its central currency. 3. Bank of Investment to open in Libya, which manages investment in Africa and the Middle East.

The leaders of countries in Africa and the Middle East have agreed to establish these three institutional initiatives, but the great empires and democracies of Europe are unhappy and vehemently opposed, leading to the loss of many interests. The world’s major medias, especially the American press and US allies, have inflated false information about the world lying that Gaddafi killed his own people as dictators and called on the Libyan people to revolt against his leadership. Gaddafi even called on the people to support democracy. That was the time when they began the “flower revolution” for Gaddafi’s friend.

Thus, during 2011, NATO launched an attack on Libya, shouting to the world, “fight dictator, to protect human rights.” France was the first country to launch air strikes against Libyan legitimate government forces, while the United States and Britain also conspired to intervene. Current situation in Libya For the past 10 years or so, since the assassination of Gaddafi, Libya has been engulfed in the flames of the most devastating civil war that has claimed every day. Libya is now torn in two parts: eastern Libya, led by General Khalifa haftar, based in the Russian-backed Benghazi, and the Western Libyan government based in the United Nations-based Tripoli and US support.

The country may be torn apart by insurgent groups claiming to be centrist and religiously influential. As for the economy, it is almost zero, the living standard of the people is very poor, the country’s infrastructure is destroyed. The Libyan people are deeply saddened by the assassination of their leader, who has been in power for 42 years, believing that incitement by the great democratic monarchy has turned the country into a battlefield to this day.

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