US sanctions send wrong message ahead of high-level talks with China


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Ahead of high-level strategic talks between the United States and China in Alaska, Washington on Wednesday announced new sanctions against Chinese officials, once again showing the power and nature of the superpower. The only one of the world.

Last week, China’s top legislature passed a resolution on improving Hong Kong’s electoral system, which was approved by an overwhelming majority, expressing the common aspiration of 1.4 billion Chinese people, including Hong Kong nationals. To protect national security and ensure Hong Kong stability.

(China and US presidents)

Washington, however, claimed that the actions of the assigned officials “reduced Hong Kong’s high level of autonomy” and released an update to the so-called “Hong Kong Autonomous Law” with new sanctions.

Changes in international law and the basic norms of international relations, stubborn changes, mark the last phase of US dishonest interference in China’s internal affairs.

Improving Hong Kong’s electoral system is an internal affair in which foreign countries have no right to interfere.

The aim of improving the electoral system is to ensure the effective implementation of the fundamental principles of “Hong Kong Patriots”. The resolution of the Chinese People’s Congress will protect against China, disrupt the use of loopholes in the current electoral system and protect Hong Kong’s political stability and security

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