US-Russia Relations: the world order or Interests?


In the 21st century, the antagonism and competition between two countries blew up again and quite heavy. The rebirth of controversy between these two countries in the global era is not very different from the age of Cold War. It can be seen evidently after the terrorist’s attack on WTO in 2001, the American war in central Asia, Iraq war in 2003, the Kosovo war, Georgian war in 2008, Libya war, Russian annexation of Kreme in 2014, Syrian war in 2015, and many issues that these two countries disagree over. To some people and analysts, the Cold War is being rebirthed. Meanwhile, during the Syrian war in 2015, Ban Kim Moon even declared and warned about the feasibility of third World War.

The spending for the military of both countries are being increased alarmingly in modernizing the weapons, naval systems, aircraft carriers, defend systems and anti-missiles systems. The antagonism between two countries has its roots in the history and current situations, geopolitics, and the different visions on how the world should be. These are the causes that burning the two countries relationship and shaking the world, especially the Middle East, into disorder.

The US-Russian relationships has changed dramatically, from friends to foe, from the sweetness of sentimental feeling as the partner who beard and shared hardship to the controversial partner. “There is no permanent friendship, or permanent foe, only the interest that permanent”, once said by Mao Tseng dong. This word reflects the reality of the political situations that one has to bear in mind. That is the nature of political affairs. One has to work, to struggle to survive and empower oneself.

You cannot depend on other nations to protect your national interest. You can be respected, treated equally, or avoid the offensiveness and serve your national interest only when you are strong enough. In the international arena, the morality must subordinate to the survival of the nation. As Niccolo Machiavelli said “a prudent ruler cannot and must not honor his word. The well-being of the state is the responsibility of the ruler…Should be achieved by any means possible, including deception and intrigue. The ruler’s own morality is less important than the good of the state and he will be judged on the results rather than on the means he has used”.

They use the political words to claim their rightness and blame other. Psychologically, people see other as the cause of the problems. For the US, Russia is the cause of the global disorder, act as the antagonism against the US around the global. For Russia, the US is the cause of the problems. That is the U.S that has been bringing the world into the global disorder. The ambitions to create new world order is bounding the world with disorder and crises. (To Be Continued !)

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