US Power and Political objectives: as the global leader


There is no country of earth that has great magnitudes as America. Politically, Economically, Militarily, Diplomatically, and ideologically, all are so powerful. Its geopolitics gives US the very safe position and easier to expand its political objectives. Its politics give US the very reasonable and legitimate power to lead and force other nations to follow. The human right, democracy and liberty become the main themes of US principles of government and as the tool to expand its power. The American concept of government is that ” government is created to protect not for oppression”. American political objectives are follows:

  1. Maintain stability and world order under its principles, systems, and willing, but also does not want to harm its interests.
  2. Remains the superpower because the United States regards the world as it is today was the result of its saving from the World War II. US even thinks that China has grown so much as the consequences of US help and support to get into Major international systems as well as takes the huge benefit from US technology.
  3.  Extend democracy, human rights and freedom to a wider world and a prosperous America in all areas. To say in short, the United States wants the world government to follow the example of its leadership and remain the global superpower.

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