US-Japan Relations: the Fake alliances


′′ Shadow Warriors ′′ in Japanese history are a group of people prepared to do secret work or cheat as any team according to their thoughts as appointed. The hidden warriors is the one behind the reason, ownership of the battle of ideas, or can order them to do something for its benefits. In recent US and China meeting in Alaska was not the initiative of America or China to solve their problems but was Japanese initiative by requesting both leaders to meet each other. Japan may know how strong Joe Biden’s position in containing China is, how tough is Sino-US tension now. Another example is Quad Security Dialogue. It also initiated by Japan to boost American influence and act as the leader while India and Austria serve as honorary members of US. Japan here acting like Cao Cao in the Chinese romance of three kingdom who prepared the strategy for 18 holiness to fight Dong Zhou.

Because of worrying that America will soften its position against China, Japan tries to put America in more dangerous and tough position in anti-China policy. After all 4 countries agreed to release the Joint Statement against China, Japan demonstrates the truth by strongly criticizing China to capture the opportunity to strengthen its navy. This because Japan sees that it will take a lot of advantage of the US and China tension and analyze Sino-US relations carefully. Japan and America seem to be the closest friends but they are competing secretly with each other like Sun Quan and Liu Bei’ alliance. Since the 2th world war ended Japanese ambition was totally destroyed by US. Since then US has control Japan until today.

During World War II, Japan’s dreams of empire were ended by US bombs that caused heavy casualties, while until today, the US is still “occupying” Japan — US troops in Japan are ostensibly “protecting” Japan, while in fact acting as a deterrent against Japan’s military recovery and “normalisation”.

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