US, Japan issue warning on China’s volatile behavior

The United States and Japan on Tuesday issued a joint statement warning Beijing of what it called coercive and unstable behavior.

The statement came after a meeting between senior diplomats and defense officials of the two countries raised the concerns over China’s growing influence.

Pentagon President Lloyd Austin and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken are set to make their first visit to Japan on Monday with the aim of strengthening ties with countries in the region. Create a message to the Beijing government.

The two senior US officials will also visit South Korea to review any policies that could lead to talks with Pyongyang, North Korea again. To some scholars believed that ” The warning is reflecting the fear of China’s replacement of its position as the global power”. Therefore, they are struggling to join for against China to restore the balance of power. The US strategy is very simple ” uses Asia against China, uses NATO against Russia”, so that it can secure its position as the global leader.

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