US has two choices to lead the Global Order


There are two ways and two choices of American politics in order to serve its national interest. Two ways are: America is chosen by god to spread democracy, and America as the protectionism.  And the two choices are: Republic and Democratic parties. There are two strategies: attacking the others by using the reasonable proclamations, human right or international law, and using its spy when it cannot find the reasonable ways. The two choices or two parties are: when one party makes mistake and another comes to correct. The US as the leader of World Democracy seeking for the reasonable accusations to fight and control.

U.S President Joe Biden

US has its national policy. Whoever win the election has to follow the policies. Usually the Internal affair for the Republic and external affair for Democrat. Henry Kissinger once said ” China serves its national interest in the term of hundreds years and conceptually. America serves its interest by changing the term of presidency”. All previous American Leaders also thought American interest firs but they did not say publicly and openly like president Trump.

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