US-China: Why are tensions between the US and China so high?

  1. The United States does not recognize China’s power and does not want China to become a global dominant power. Because, as already mentioned, the United States considers China’s growth and strength as the result of the United States assistance to go into global trade and gain the assess to American technologies.
  2. China, on the other hand, considers itself worthy to become a superpower equal to and able to surpass the United States because it has a large population, great potential, great resources, has the oldest culture, especially in the history of China as a great power and most influential. Every Chinese leader and people want their country to be as glorious and strong as in their past.
  1. 3. China feels that the United States is trying to interfere in its internal affairs, trying to mobilize allies to curb its progress, causing problems, such as in the South China Sea, supporting the protests in Hong Kong, selling weapons to Taiwan, using democracy and human right as the business.
  2. 4.  The United States sees China as dishonest, doing business with dictators, infringing on intellectual property, violating human rights, and exploiting US technology.
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