US-China tensions: The key factors of power in 21st Century


What are the root causes of US-China tensions? A. The basis of this conflict lies in the power and interests as well as the perspectives on economic order and world governance. B. Competing for the number one power in the world. C. Doubts about each other’s goals, ambitions and mistrust.

What are the basic or key factors of world power in the 21st century? The basis of world power is economy, politisl, military, technology and science, geopolitics, diplomatic relations, universal competitiveness, culture and especially soft power. These factors are the key to moving towards world power.

Does China really want to be the number one power instead of the United States? Sure, China really wants to be a superpower to replace the United States because: China has a huge population of 1.4 billion people, rich in potential and a country with a culture that is thousands of years old and used to be a prominent that the gained the respect from the world.

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