US-CHINA Relations:China Needs Time to Grow, Develop the Capacity and Get Access to the Energy


Lee Kuan Yew observed deep insight into Chinese affairs, and interpreted Chinese actions which is turned back to Deng Xiaoping’s advices, “observe calmly…handle our affair carefully, and bide our time”. Lee argued that China needs 30 to 40 or maybe 50 years of peace and quiet rise in order to: a) catch up US, Japan, and EU, b) and to build up the market system, c) educate their children to the higher and advanced competitive skill, c) cooperate internationally for accessing to resources and energy, and e) China does not want to carry heavy burden. Lee argued that Chinese leaders know that the Economic growth is based on these factors.

He said “To become competitive, China is focused on educating its young people, selecting the brightest for science and technology, followed by economics, business management, and the English language”. China need time to upgrade the more capital and skill intensive to attract new investment. China need manufacturing and industry to provide the job because the logistics and services cannot give the number of job to such a population. China will have to find out who are willing to come and invest and bring in the skills and technology to China. Besides, human resources, technology, and upgrade its system, China also needs to cooperate deeply international and regional arena to grab the huge natural resources and energies to support its economy.

Lee said “China should be given every incentive to choose international cooperation, which will absorb its energies constructively for another 50 to 100 years. This means China must have the economic opportunities to do this peacefully, without having to push its way around to get resources like oil, and have access to markets for its goods and services. If such a route is not open to China, the world must live with a pushy China”.

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