US-China Relations: China’s Century is Impossible


The two countries, the United States and China, are the most powerful nations on the planet, with the ability to shape the world’s ultimate fate. On the subject, there are two points of view. To begin with, some academics believe that China will eventually eventually replace the United States as the world’s superpower. These are the reasons they provide: 1. Economy: China’s economy has grown at a breakneck pace for more than four decades, reaching out to every corner of the globe. China has surpassed the United States as the world’s largest trading partner and creditor of the wider world. 2. Technology and AI; they believe China has the ability to catch up to and surpass the US and EU in these areas. 3. Military: China’s military has been expanding to the far reaches of the globe in order to assert its power and influence. 4. Soft power: they see Chinese influence spreading across many regions.

The second point of view holds that China will never be able to fully replace the United States. China is now merely attempting to stand up and keep its position from collapsing. I’m currently in the second viewpoint. Why? There are numerous reasons to believe that China will never be able to completely replace the United States. First and foremost challenges  is  the United States of America. There has never been a superpower willing to give up its seat to others, according to world history. China will be contained by the United States at all costs. Normally, the United States uses NATO to keep Russia at bay and Asian alliances to keep China at bay. This time, the US will use not only Asia, but also the EU to contain China.

The Chinese adversaries and the major geopolitical challenges are the second and third items on the list. China is surrounded by its adversaries: India in South Asia, Vietnam in Southeast Asia, Japan in East Asia, potentially hostile Australia, and the United States. Furthermore, just because Russia and China have a good working relationship now does not mean that Russia will allow China to become the world’s superpower.

Third, China’s geopolitical challenges and external issues. In the Indo-Pacific, the US has increased its military presence and allies. The United States can freely walk and enter Chinese gates, but China cannot. While China continues to grapple with internal issues in Hong Kong, Tibet, and Xinjiang, Aside from these factors, the Chinese system is extremely dangerous. Thousands of years of world history have demonstrated that no system, whether communism or absolute monarchy, can work well or last long.

Fourth, technology and military might. Over the course of five decades, the United States put a man on the moon. China, on the other hand, has only recently walked on the moon. China took photos and broadcast them to tell the world about its greatness when it stepped on the moon and planted its flag. The Chinese flag was photographed by NASA. What does the US want to say to China in this situation? It’s simple: “No matter what you do, no matter where you go, you can’t get away from my gaze.” The US satellite can’t be hidden by the Chinese navy or aircraft carriers. It also implies that the two superpowers will vie for space supremacy.

Aside from these, the majority of the high-growth technologies in China have their origins in the west. China will never reach that level unless the US stops walking. And whatever China manages to accomplish will be targeted by the United States.

The economy comes in fifth. The United States remains the world’s largest economy, with advanced technology and control over vast resources. The United States, as the most innovative and skilled country in the world, continues to and will continue to lead the world in economics. The exploitations and trade imbalances between China and many countries, as well as the abuse of intellectual property, are the reasons for China’s rapid economic growth in recent decades.

Last but not least, the political system and world order: democracy remains the world’s most valuable system, but communism is not. The United States continues to be the world’s leader. In China, the issue of who ascends to power is a major issue, as is the issue of changing leaders. It’s a system that’s extremely vulnerable. In short, China now appears to be very strong, but not particularly so. The United States appears to be declination at the moment, but this is not the case. China will become Asia’s most powerful nation, but it will never be able to replace the United States as the world’s superpower.

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