US-CHINA Relations: China Wants to be Number#1 in Asia and then in the World


Historically, China was the preeminent state that regarded herself in the valuable and superior position. How does history influence Chinese thought and behavior today? Answered by Michael D. Swaine, there are three attitudes: national pride alongside a strong fear of chaos; an inculcated image of a peace-loving and defensive polity alongside a strong and virtuous central government; and a unique, hierarchical yet mutually beneficial view of inter-state relations. 

Therefore, China is really seriously want to be the most powerful and respected. When Granham Alison asked “Are Chinese leaders seriously about displacing US as the number one in Asia and in the world?  Lee Kuan Yew replied “of course. Why not? They have transformed a poor society by an economic miracle to become now the second-largest economy in the world…. There is a culture of four thousand years old with 1.3 billion people, with a huge and very talented pool to draw from. How could they not aspire to be number one in Asia, and in time the world? Every Chinese wants a strong and rich China, a nation as prosperous, advanced, and technologically competent as America, Europe, and Japan. This reawakened sense of destiny is an overpowering force.

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