US-CHINA Relations: China Needs Stability and Cooperation to Grow, not Confrontation


The Chinese grand strategy was designed with the maturity, farsightedness, and more awareness that it is called “Comprehensive National Power”. It means that what the Chinese leaders want is a stronger, prosperous, civilized and cultural advancement, advanced technology and science, and modernize the every factor of power. In short, a stronger and powerful China in all dimensions. China has to redefine its ways and national interests. Therefore, China needs the stability and cooperation regionally and internationally to take the opportunity to learn from others and organize itself. The confrontation and instability will ruin China’s opportunity of development.

There are many risk factors that determine the China National interest such internal demonstration of Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and the instability of its enamoring countries as well as the confrontation with US and its alliances. In 1989, there was an interruption to its reform and opening up of Tiananmen Square that China said that the event was “initiated by others”. There have been also the American interventions and wars near Chinese borders that China regards as the “attempt to interrupt its growth”. Therefore, “China has to show its willingness to cooperate and keep its head down and smile for 40 to 50 years”, Lee said. China needs peaceful rise.

President Donald Trump, right, shakes hands with Chinese President Xi Jinping during a dinner at Mar-a-Lago, Thursday, April 6, 2017, in Palm Beach, Fla. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Lee continued “The Chinese have concluded that their best strategy is to build a strong and prosperous future, and use their huge and increasingly highly skilled and educated workers to out-sell and out-build all others. They will avoid any action that will sour up relations with the US. To challenge a stronger and technologically superior power like the US will abort their ‘peaceful rise. There will be a struggle for influence. I think it will be subdued because the Chinese need the United States, need U.S. markets, U.S. technology, need to have students going to the United States to study the ways and means of doing business so they can improve their lot. It will take them 10, 20, 30 years.

If you quarrel with the United States and become bitter enemies, all that information and those technological capabilities will be cut off. The struggle between the two countries will be maintained at the level that allows them to still tap the United States. China knows that it needs access to US markets, US technology, opportunities for Chinese students to study in the US and bring back to China new ideas about new frontiers. It therefore sees no profit in confronting the US in the next 20 to 30 years in a way that could jeopardize these benefits”.

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