US-CHINA: China Needs the National Interest, Not Changing the Global Order


The Global order has enough experiences and capacities as well as the undeniable principles to maintain itself and against the aggressors. The world order that designed by the US is easy to cooperate and make benefit, but it is hard to challenge. Historically, US observed and learned from the various previous international orders, the strengths and weakness, the values and the theory of international relations as well as the flaws of the major European major powers.

The International theory that based on interest and power, colonization, exploitation, invasion, secret diplomacy, and allied security was changed to self-determination, decolonization, opened diplomacy, collective security, and respect of sovereignty and mutual interest.  Under Wilson, America envisioned to lead the world by these principles and called for unitedness to against the aggressors. It was the vision of the “world conscience”  “Manifest destination” and “acting for mankind not self-interest”. And it was the well-designed system. It has experiences to defeat the Europe, Soviet, Japan, and Germany principally, militarily, economically, politically, and diplomatically. The Chinese leaders have aware about these and know that only entering to the system that China can develop herself to become the global power and share her ideas to shape the world. Chinese leaders are clear that what the need is a stronger, powerful and prosperous nation, not the confrontation.

Lee Kuan Yew said “China is acting purely on her national interest. China does not want to challenge the existing word order”. Lee gave the example of Japan and Germany that “their mistake is challenging the existing system”. He continued “Chinese leaders are not stupid, they have to avoid this mistake”. He added that China understands that “its fastest growth relies on the imports, including energy, raw materials, and opens the see lanes.” China is the world largest trading nation, and super consumer market, and the world largest of exporting the goods. Therefore, China not only challenge to the global order, but to help maintaining and extending and opening itself wider to the globalization.

Chinese President declared that “China is always the builder of world peace, the upholder of global order, and the contributor of world economic growth”. He even calls for building the “world community of shared future”. But it does not mean that the existing world order is perfect without any mistake. China also can share her ideas, resources, and supporting to reshape or reform the world to spreading her influence and power gradually. Xi Jinping called “for all rounded development” and win-win cooperation, respect of mutual interest and sovereignty, and equality of all nations.   

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