The American Strategy: Virtue or Fate?


After America has decided to give up Afghanistan over half of the world population are expressing their grief and shamefulness, and even comparing to the US abandonment of Cambodia and South Vietnam in the 1970 s. This fact has made the world’s confidence to the United States continue to fall further after former president Donald Trump has already once destroyed. Actually not only these countries were betrayed by America. The US betrayal has been conducted on many countries and groups, including America’s friends and enemies.

In the 1970’s, before betraying Cambodia and South Vietnam, America betrayed chiang kai shek , which was their close ally, removing his seat at the UN and gave it to Mao Zedong. US has betrayed and deceived Kurdish people for 8 times within 1oo years, such as arming them to coup Iraqi leader in 1963 , arming them to attack Iraqi leader again 1970s. In the Gulf and 2003 Iraqi wars once again us gave Kurdish the weapons to assist US destroy Iraqi government. In 2015, US used Kurdish militant again to fight Bashar Assad. Every time after its purposes were fulfilled, US left Kurdish people to be brutally attacked and killed by those countries that had been fought. In 2019, Trump also greenlighted Turkey to killed Kurds. Kurd is an indigenous group with over 40 million people living in Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey. With no choice, Kurdistan has to endure the pain again and again from US betrayal.

In 18th century, France was the strongest American supported in the war against England for over 15 years for independence. France has also signed with America called the Treaty of Alliance to protect America from the British attack. Over 1 years later, England turned to attack France after the United States got independence. In response to French Assembly, America said ′′ America can’t give up national benefits or take the country into such dangerous issues to show gratitude or moral responsibility.

Nearly 20 years later, America and England solved the tensions and signed to increase trade between the two countries called Jay Treaty in which caused the France to lose huge benefits in Trade . In 1956 in the Suez crisis, America tried to expand its influence to replace France and England in the region. For this times, both of France and England have been betrayed again for huge oil in the Middle East. ′′ Over 4 years later, the US president Jimmy Cather threatened France and England strongly that ′′ any country has the courage to affect the benefits of America in this region, America will take necessary means even if using weapons”. France and England were very infuriated but could do nothing with that.

When the US toppled Sadam Hussein in 2003, France and England took their opportunities to revenge by stealthily sold the weapons to the groups of those whom fighting against US . Look from the outside, where there is America there are French and English as the allies to go to war together for specific purposes. But in their realities, they (UK and France) just spend some money and lives following America to demand the resources and benefits that America lead to encraoch.

Latin, America betrayed Costa Rica, Venezuela, and Argentina in which they strongly supported US in its mission for independence. In Falk land dispute between Argentina and England, Venezuela and many other countries sought support for anti-England, but America has finally announced the support of Britain. Venezuela’s ambassador has mocked America with pain that ′′ America betrayed the poor brothers and chose the rich step-mother.

In Africa, Morocco was the first country to acknowledge America’s independence against England and supported American strongly in the cold war. Additionally, Morocco American to expand its influence in the region on the reason that U.S is a good and democratic country. Finally, Morocco was abandoned and had its fate as Afghanistan today.

For US, we should used the word “betrayal”, because it’s inappropriate and embarrassing . But what US has done are the flexible strategy. US former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger once said ” If a country wish to be respected by following the moral principles, then the country will be destroyed”. He also warmed “For those who wish to be US’ enemies, will be brutally killed. Those who wish to be US ‘ friends, will be prosperous or brutally killed as well”. ′′ We don’t have eternal friends and no eternal enemies , only interest”, he added. Wayne Gerard Trotman also said ′′ let’s convince them when we need them, then we sit and wait to see the results”

For politicians, between virtues and national fate, they will choose national fate. Finally, I end up by using the words of Cao Cao in three kingdoms, ” I’d rather betray people in the world, but people in the world can’t betray me”. It’s true that America can accuse any individual of any country, but no one has the power to do this toward America.′′

US could say that ” My Mission Was Completed”.

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