In the episode, we will see a UNIQUE LUXURY MODERN A-FRAME CABIN w/ 3 Fireplaces & Movie Projector! located in New York City.

The Exterior

This is the gorgeous front exterior of the A-frame. There is a ton of stonework that makes up the majority of this exterior.

The exterior is the fact that you have this beautiful lake that’s literally a 60-second walk away from the A-frame. Just look at this view. To head on inside, we’re gonna peel off to the right now and head towards the main door.

There is also a nice little outdoor patio area here as well, which is just one of many outdoor seating areas.

The best part though is when this entire property is lit up at night, it’s quite bright between the string lights and all these gorgeous exterior lights. I especially love kind of those two rows of lights that go up on either end of the staircase that lead up to the main A parts of this A-frame.

The Firepit of the cabin

This huge pile of firewood over there on the left, but let’s now get a little bit closer. You have a picnic table and then two chairs that are right in front of your fire pit. The really awesome set-up here, though. Perfect for groups and families. In addition, you then have this really large countertop space.

The first bedroom

The first bedroom inside of this A-frame so you can see the aesthetic and colour scheme in this room. Everything from the blue blanket to the gold pillow blended in perfectly with all the wood panelling in my opinion.

On that right-hand side, you have some hangers and some shelves for storage. And over here on the left, you have a fireplace with firewood already waiting for you. You also have direct access to this little patio area through this screen door here. So, you have a chair and a nice little setup here.

The Kitchen of this cabin

In the kitchen, you have everything you need from glasses, utensils, coffee supplies, pots, and pans. Everything imaginable is waiting for you on this shelf.

And this really cool red stove top and oven. You have your dishwasher. Then further down, you have this really slick black sink.

The main kitchen countertop space, you’ll see over here then, you have a large stainless steel fridge and freezer. So, plenty of space to put away all of your food when you’re visiting. And you have a really nice kind of countertop space over here with two seats.

The Living room

In the living room, it is just perfect And I just love the symmetry as well between those two couches. You have your fireplace straight ahead, and you got the fireplace, specifically its design of it, how it’s a bit curved. Then you have that giant glass pane. We have a modern coffee table here.

The Bathroom

 into the one bathroom inside of this A-frame, it’s right next to the fridge. you have your toilet and plenty of toiletries and towels, and then right across the way, you have another sink that’s black. Very similar, if not exactly the same, as the one that we saw in the kitchen.

The Second Bedroom

This is a second bedroom and I think it’s just a little bit bigger It has a few more amenities and even a private deck, The bed is very similar to the first bedroom, and over there in the corner though, you have a really plush and comfy-looking chair.

The Loft of the cabin

The loft bedroom you have a large bed underneath those two gorgeous windows, and you can’t get much more A or A-frame with those angles right there. You have dressers on both sides of the bed though.


you have a really plush and comfy-looking chair. Perfect I think to start your morning off. You have a coffee table right next to it. So, great for coffee or tea. And also from this angle, you can see there is another fireplace.

The last space to cover throughout this entire cabin is this really cool seating area. This is at the opposite end of the loft, and these two really plush leather chairs in addition to a footrest make for a really cool place to hang out.


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