In the episode, we will see a UNIQUE CUSTOM BUILT A-FRAME CABIN! Modern 1,200sqft Cabin located in Montgomery, New York.

The Exterior

This is a gorgeous custom-built A-frame cabin and at look all of that gorgeous window I love the rectangles the triangles the sliding glass door all make for a really breathtaking part of the exterior.

The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom. There are two bedrooms total here in this cabin. This one has a queen-size mattress in it. Overall. I probably describe the design as a bit of a Boho style. I love the pillows though on top. And there’s a little table next to your bed with a lamp, a plant, and some nice reading material that you could use during your stay.

The Bathroom of this cabin

Into your bathroom. You have a lovely double sink set up including those two rounded mirrors and a bunch of drawers so you can easily store all of your toiletries here in the bathroom.

The Living room of the cabin

In the living room in the background, you have a comfortable couch with a bunch of extra pillows and blankets but I think by far the coolest and most unique amenity in this room can be found in that corner and that is the swinging chair. I’ve definitely seen these before, but outdoors.


The Kitchen of the cabin

in the kitchen. You have your kitchen island surrounded by four leather stools. Further in, you then have a beautiful but simple backsplash made from some white subway tile. Along with those really eye-catching green cabinets.


The Loft Bedroom

The beautiful loft bedroom. You have another unique layout here in terms of your windows and basically, a gigantic A is your back wall there. I mean I think this room is about as A-frame as it gets in terms of A-frame design. For the bedding and its color scheme, it really matches with the rest of the colors we’ve seen throughout the cabin.


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