In the episode, we will see an ULTRA-MODERN 3-STORY TINY HOME! Unique Futuristic in Costa Rica is located in Montgomery, New York.

The Exterior

The exterior is unlike anything I’ve seen before. There are just so many different crazy angles and shapes and about half of the facade is made up of glass with this slight bluish-green tint. It’s very futuristic and eye-catching.

The Ground floor bedroom

This takes us into a bedroom. It’s very clean, white and modern. There are two bedrooms in total in this home. This one contains a queen-size mattress. There are these cool slanted windows on both sides of this bedroom.

The Bathroom

In the bathroom. You have your sink there in the middle, your shower with plenty of space and this large window which takes up almost the entire wall, and on the other side, you have a ton of extra towels, toilet paper, some more art pieces, and of course your toilet.

The Backyard

The backyard, Your outdoor deck space contains a dining table with six chairs, but of course, the main highlight is that huge gas-powered fireplace. It’s very easy to turn on and you have a nice sitting area next to it for your morning cup of coffee or an evening cocktail.

The Living room

This living room area that you see here. In terms of your seating options, you have two large couches, both the left and right-hand sides. There’s also a large TV for all of your entertainment options. You can stream your favourite Netflix shows.

The Kitchen of the home

the kitchen. You have plenty of countertop space. If we now go behind the counter with appliances ranging from your oven and microwave, then up top you have cabinets for storage and your stovetop and coffee maker on the right. On the other side, you have some more slick cabinets.


The Master Bathroom of this home

inside of your master bathroom. And further down, you have these glass doors with some extra storage space inside. If we walk through this opening at the end, you have a lot of extra toilet paper and then some more drawers, and towels.


The Master Bedroom of the home

This is your master bedroom you got a king-size mattress, on this side you have a large TV and this host definitely likes pineapples. You have some more decorations on this shelf. In addition to the TV, you can also pull down this projector screen. Now above the bed, there is this bright lighting fixture which can be turned on with the flip of a switch.


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