U.S under Trump and China under Xi: what most of the world misunderstands about them


The rivalry between U.S and China to become a world power is one of the biggest challenges today. China’s influence seems to be strong on the international stage, while the United States seems to be retreating. America of international law, America of world order, America of world government, America of world responsibility and America of human conscience have changed to America for America, America of selfishness.

At present, the influence of Chinese culture and economy has spread to many regions, as well as drawing some regions to become rich and live under Chinese money. In 2017, Xi declared at the World Economic Forum that China will lead the world order.Is it really means so? What is China’s ability to lead the world order if China itself is now in the process of building power?

In fact, China has been trying to gain popularity from the US withdrawal from the international arena. It is understood that at this stage, China is using Sun Tzu’s art of war which is ancient war strategy of conquering by ambiguity on the battlefield. China wants the world seeing that it is going to win the competition and leading the world order. The truth is that China will win if the world is really believed that China is going to lead the global order and replace the U.S. Yes, China will be number one in economy, but not this decade. China now is still in the process of learning, reforming and development. China just wants the world see it is so powerful. It is so strong that make it is easier for China to have psychological domination on many countries and stabilize its internal affairs.

The more misunderstandings the enemy has on you, the easier it is to win. The deeper US involvement in Asia, the construction of military bases, and the mobilization of allies against China seem to urge China to work harder to expand its forces.

The United States, under the leadership of Donald Trump, is focusing on rebuilding its power and abandoning some amounts of international responsibilities, and another important objective is to curb Chinese influence. The United States has a clear national policy, which means that whichever party comes to power must strictly implement that national policy.

Traditionally, the two parties share two policies: domestic politics for the Democrats and foreign policy for the Republicans, but the two parties have a common policy: America First. This principle has been around for a long time, only the previous president did not speak in public like Mr. Trump. U.S has never wanted to share a seat with China or anyone else, and will not intentionally share it in the future. The United States at the moment is very strong, both economically and militarily.

The study found that the United States can now live on its own for 50 years without contact with outsiders. But as mentioned above, the United States has no intention of handing over this superpower seat to any country.

President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the international arena, it is his art of leadership and talent and his privileged power that Congress has no right to interfere in. This makes the world vaguely see that the United States intends to withdraw from responsibility for world affairs. The truth is not so. “The world must not underestimate Trump’s genuine of leadership” said a world analyst.

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