U.S: the all-seeing eyes and the all-hearing ears


In Every American one dollar banknote there are the great seals of Pyramid, the Eagle etc. and Latin phrases “ANNUIT COEPTIS” means “The God has Favored Our Undertaking” “NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM” which means “New World Order”, “the Eye” means “the All-seeing eye” and Pyramid represented “Strength and Duration”. In additions, U.S technological advancement allows it to hear all the secret talk of all governments. The main phrase is “New World Order” which covers global politics and aims to bring all sovereign states under one global political system. The attempting of the restructuring of the global institutions with international laws and principles to sustain peace, order, harmony, and prosperity by checking the rule of conducting are the reflection of world conscience.

However, the absolutism and extremism on one’s universal principle are the big questions of acceptability and sustainability. U.S believes that only prevailing its systems and power to the whole so that the world will be in peace and prosperity. This belief has been leading the world into what so called ” the clashes of civilization” and the ” struggling to dominate and push back”.

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