U.S, NATO and Russia: B-52 Nuclear-Bombers fly Over NATO to threat Russia


U.S B-52 Nuclear-Capable Bombers flew over the every single member of NATO amid the tension with Russia as well as the doubts from the NATO about Trump’s commitment to the allies. U.S as the leader of NATO used its six B-52 Bombers to fly and patrol over all NATO 30 members on August 28. Two bombers at the Minot Air Force base flew over the U.S and Canada, while four bombers that bases in U.K flew around the 28 members in EU. So, what are the political and strategic objectives of flying the very fearsome bombers over NATO?

There are four possible reasons: A. It is the respond to the Russian Military Exercise and to deter the Russia. U.S has been long times trying to expand the NATO to encircle and weaken Russia since the end of Cold War. B. U.S is showing its power and commitment to protect the allies’ security against Russia. U.S believes that its commitment will make NATO stronger and expand its influence to the NATO and other candidate that hesitate to join it. C. Trump is trying to satisfy the allies for earning the support from the people and allies in the upcoming election. D. They are trying to play the dirty games to increase the antagonism against Russia and help Trump for re-election.

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